January 14, 2020

005: Recommit

In this episode, we talk about how setting big, hairy goals isn’t always the most productive way to start the new year, or any near chapter of your life for that matter. 

We go deeper into the ways that you might be mentally f*cking yourself over by trying to reach the top of the mountain in one sprint and how to start looking at the process or journey differently. 


It’s important to not only have growth, but also happiness and balance. I believe there is a way to have all of the above and I discuss HOW in this episode. 


Share with me what YOU are recommitting to this year; me@jamiethurber.com


Discussed in this episode: 


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Sink vs. Well episode: https://lifestylecreation.podbean.com/e/the-well-vs-the-sink/

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