October 20, 2020

025: Why We Practice

Life happens. It happens to all of us and we all have different circumstances BUT we all do get a choice on how we choose to handle it. 


The thing is, you may see someone else and think, “Nothing bad ever happens to them.” but that’s fake news! Life doesn’t go according to planned for anyone, not all of the time anyway... people just handle it differently and that is what you’re seeing. It’s not lack of things happening, it’s lack of letting that win.


And this is why we practice. 


In this episode I share a few very personal experiences and show how having the daily practice I do has allowed me to have shit hit the fan without my world crumbling down around me. 


It’s possible. And it doesn’t take a magic pill. So let's dive into this a little deeper...


In this episode I mention;

Eps 003- The sink vs the well… a better look into creating a solid foundation.


Eps 004 -Being Present, 010- The secret sauce, and 013- The morning would also be helpful to re-visit


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October 6, 2020

024: Constant Contact

“You need to put the phone down and be present with me!” 

“But how dare you not answer when I call you!”


Dude, the hypocrisy around our expectations of each other when it comes to being accessible is out of control.


From the unrealistic expectations, to the unhealthy attachments, to the anxiety inducing fear that either someone is mad at us because they didn’t respond to the fear that if I don’t respond now, that person is going to be mad at me.


Honestly, it’s all pretty ridiculous BUT I think it’s something we’ve all fallen prey to at one point in time. 


So, let’s talk about it. Let’s dive deeper into the root of some of these expectations, ways to identify them, shift them, and change the relationship we have with our phones and the constant need to be “on”. 


We’re supposed to be fully present but also fully accessible and honestly, it’s exhausting. But does it really have to be that way?

The answer is NO. 


In this episode we mention; https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/018-boundaries/id1486644715?i=1000484991043

Distraction detox apps called App Detox and Quality Time. 

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September 22, 2020

023: Be the Change

Change starts with one person. Basically, you can change your way of existing simply by making a commitment to yourself to live in a place of integrity and truth. Whatever that means to you personally. 


Honestly, I feel like this statement is way overused and drastically under-explained, so in the episode I share with you the story of how it became such an impactful statement in my life and also has influenced my entire state of being. 


Now let’s see if we can really start that ripple effect we’re all looking for. #payitforward


In this episode I mention;



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September 8, 2020

022: Fearless

How do you overcome fear? 

Become fearless. 


Those are the big topics around how to push past a block or fear of something new, or big, or exciting. I’d been asked for years how to overcome fear and I gotta tell you, it’s probably a much different response than you’re expecting.


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Mentioned in this episode; Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert https://amzn.to/32KLJgT 

August 25, 2020

021: My Life Sentence

There’s a piece of my reality that I rarely talk about, up until recently that is. 

It’s something I’ve lived with, learned to navigate, and have had to focus on daily for 20 years. It’s also something that makes me who I am. It’s something I know I’m not an island about. It’s something that most people can relate to but never want to say anything because we feel like we’re complaining or making excuses. When in reality, we’re just talking about what is OUR actual existence. 


In this episode I wanted to get really raw with you about my medical history, my health journey. 


I hope you dive into this episode and listen to it in it’s entirety. If nothing else, it will give you more of an insight into me personally and also another large example of what it truly means to live life on your own terms.


Mentioned in this episode: 

Sick Biz podcast; https://bit.ly/2QnpKHo

Project manage your health: https://bit.ly/3jeBPe3 

Truths about nausea: https://jmeirene.com/2018/02/17/nauseous/

The first time I publically shared it all; https://jmeirene.com/2018/07/10/my-battle/

Hard gainer: https://jmeirene.com/2016/12/13/confessions-of-a-hard-gainer/


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August 11, 2020

020: Perfect

The idea of perfection is sometimes a silent killer, especially when that seems to be all you’re seeing shown to you. 


In this episode, I simply wanted to talk about the reality that most people don’t want you to see. My hope is that you can listen to this and realize that you’re not alone, that we’re all human, and that we all deserve some grace. 


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July 28, 2020

019: Drop the Battle

The struggle. The war. The fight. The battle. 

Do you find yourself using these words when describing your day, something that's happened to you, or maybe just life in general?

In this episode we debunk the use of these words and go through first, why they’re so damaging and secondly, how to start approaching life differently so it’s not always something that requires a sword and shield. 


I also go into a bit of detail about how moving these emotions out of your space makes so much more room for what you actually desire.


This topic is close to my heart and I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed recording it.


Much love!



Mentioned in this episode;

Episode 3 -The sink vs the well


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July 14, 2020

018: Boundaries

We all know we need boundaries but creating healthy ones proves to be a bit more of a challenge than anyone cares to talk about. 


In this episode, we talk deeper about why boundaries are so important, ways to create them in a healthy way that allows you to thrive instead of feeling like you’re constantly on the defense.


Talk about Lifestyle Creation, this is a major key.


Resources discussed during this episode;

Book: White Hot Truth by Danielle Laporte. 


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June 30, 2020

017: Your Lens

Looking outside of our own lens…. A concept I wish was more mainstream. Learning to take a moment and look outside of the small realm of our own reality, only our personal experiences is a tool that will prove more lucrative than you could imagine.

In this episode, I dive deeper into the concept that maybe there is a way we can honor our own realities AND be able to not only SEE but honor and maybe even understand where others are coming from as well.

This isn’t a discussion meant to change your thoughts, it’s a discussion that I hope will inspire you to get more deeply connected with your own actual belief and understand them more. Understanding yourself and why you choose to plant your flag somewhere creates a level of empowerment I think a lot of us spend most of our lives looking for.

In this episode, I also discuss the massive benefit of learning to LEAN IN, because it’s really hard to hate up close.

I’m excited about this one so I hope you’ll join me in this powerful talk.

Mentioned in this episode:

My video

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone

June 16, 2020

016: Where to Start

In this episode, I jump right into how you can start making actual, lasting changes by creating foundational habits that last. 


We’re not talking about how to get somewhere quick or take on 17 tasks right now to “change”, I’m talking about how to take actual steps towards something sustainable. 


I feel strongly that that is one of the missing links with a lot of the content that is being plastered around media today, a lot of rah-rah here’s a big idea of how you’re “supposed” to be without any real, sustainable breakdowns of how to actually create that idea. And more importantly how to make it work in your everyday life and keep it.


There’s an act of building that muscle that must be involved if you really want to create a shift. In this episode, I example a way of operating that is adaptable to any and every situation you can think up.


It’s a priceless lesson you’ll probably want to listen to twice.


Mentioned in this episode;



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