May 19, 2020

014: The Loudest Voices

“If you think differently than me, you’re wrong”. 


“If you’re not doing it this specific way, you’re wrong”.


In this episode, I get raw about some hateful, controlling behavior that’s happening but is being packaged in a pretty little personal development bow.  


There is a lot of people misusing the platforms that they have, in my opinion. I believe that when you have masses listening to you, it’s important that you take that responsibility of what you’re putting out into the world seriously. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.


In this episode, my intention is to shine a little light on some rage-inducing, harmful, shaming content that you might be consuming without really seeing that it’s not serving you.


Moral of the story: don’t always listen to the loudest voices. 


Make your own decisions, own your own journey, don’t allow anyone to make you feel like you’re wrong simply because you’re not doing things exactly their way. 


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