June 2, 2020

015: Finding the Joy

How much joy are you leaving on the table? 


I know that might sound like a weird question but I got to tell you, up until about 2 years ago, I was leaving a lot of joyful moments to go unrecognized... and the impact it was making was huge. 


In this episode I tell the story about how you could be holding yourself back from achieving more of what you want by depriving yourself of joy.


We talk about how to find the joy in the little things, perspective shifts to not only allow it but acknowledge it too and how to keep it flowing. I share some tactics you can use to start uncovering things in your daily life that can amplify you into this vibe like whoa... and have you reaping the benefits before you know it. 


Now, let’s jump in and find you some damn joy! 


Mentioned in this episode:
Homey depot: https://youtu.be/eZXl9AUgxdE
Online coaching: https://jamiethurber.com/operation-do/ 


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