April 21, 2020

012: My Relationship With Tarot

Ask and you shall receive. 

I’ve had a lot of questions about my practice with Tarot cards, why I use them, how I use them, if they’re evil, etc. Until now I’ve not really talked publicly about it. But in this episode, I give you some insight into my relationship with Tarot cards. 


I talk about my first reading 12 years ago and many experiences since. I also talk about the way I’ve incorporated them into my business and life as well as shine some beautiful light onto how intention truly determines how you use a tool, no matter what it may be. 


I believe in being open-minded and allowing messages to show up as they’re supposed to and in this episode, we talk deeper about just that. It’s more like a storytelling session than anything else, so grab your coffee and let’s dive in.


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