June 16, 2020

016: Where to Start

In this episode, I jump right into how you can start making actual, lasting changes by creating foundational habits that last. 


We’re not talking about how to get somewhere quick or take on 17 tasks right now to “change”, I’m talking about how to take actual steps towards something sustainable. 


I feel strongly that that is one of the missing links with a lot of the content that is being plastered around media today, a lot of rah-rah here’s a big idea of how you’re “supposed” to be without any real, sustainable breakdowns of how to actually create that idea. And more importantly how to make it work in your everyday life and keep it.


There’s an act of building that muscle that must be involved if you really want to create a shift. In this episode, I example a way of operating that is adaptable to any and every situation you can think up.


It’s a priceless lesson you’ll probably want to listen to twice.


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